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G10 academy will provide a place where the everyday kid can build self-esteem through physical activity. Physically active kids have a great chance of becoming well-adjusted, happy, physically active adults. Adults will have an opportunity to partake in age appropriate training sessions that fit their level of fitness in a structured and positive environment.

Our philosophy

  • Build the confidence of our athletes at every level through sound physical and mental development
  • Create a higher quality of fierce, but healthy competition, in our high school athletic programs that will translate to district and state championships annually
  • Provide elite athletic training for athletes that compete at the collegiate and professional level
  • Provide a place where the everyday kid can build self-esteem through physical activity without the negative stigma that comes with being a pe kid in this generation
  • To increase the level of fitness in adults in our community
  • Create an atmosphere of pride and camaraderie through physical activity in our community

Strength & Movement Programs

The staff here at G10 believe that with the right level of commitment combined with a highly detailed regimented science based training plan, we can physically and mentally change your athlete in a way that could notably improve the quality of their athletic career.

Road Runner Club

Beginning in the Fall of 2018 we will offer year around training opportunities for track and field and cross country athletes. Although our programs are design with a full time track and cross country in mind we also have options for multiple sport athletes as well.

G10 Academy FC

Our Focus: Individual Player Development

Individual Player Development is the key to players being able to successfully transition from one competitive level to the next: rec to select, middle school to high school, high school to college.

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Dr. Steve Minors Where your quality of life matters!

chiroFX is headed by Dr. Minors, which originally hails from New York City. Dr. Minors graduated from The University of Pennsylvania, attended University of Texas Medical Schoolafter which he received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from the much-famed Texas Chiropractic College. Dr. Minors also has performed rotations in orthopedic and neurosurgery at different Houston hospitals, including Hermann, Methodist and St. Joseph’s. Previously, he was a member of Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners and Texas Chiropractic Association. He has also been associated with Austin Pain Therapy Associates and Texas Chiropractic College Board of Regents. At chiroFX his goal is to help patients have a better quality of life, while focusing on drug-less solutions.

At chiroFX, Dr. Minors treats all kinds of surgical and non-surgical cases of the musculoskeletal system. No matter whether the pain or discomfort is related to the spine, knee, elbow, neck or shoulders, he is here to help patients in the most comprehensive and up to date treatment. Usually, he relies on the McKenzie method and other diagnostic tests to diagnose his patients, and the treatment plan is customized and further modified as needed.

chiroFX is also proud of its extended team and staff members, who work tirelessly to offer comprehensive care for patients. We thank and appreciate our team as they allow us to provide you with what some consider the best care in Austin.

Reach us at chiroFX to know more, and don’t shy away from asking questions – We are here to answer you!

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