About Us


We Are G10


G10 Academy will provide a place where young athletes can thrive and the everyday kid can build self-esteem through physical activity. Physically active kids have a great chance of becoming well-adjusted, happy, physically active adults. Adults will have an opportunity to partake in age appropriate training sessions that fit their level of fitness in a structured and positive environment.


Our Philosophy

  • We will build the confidence of our athletes at every level through sound physical and mental development
  • We will help to foster a higher quality of fierce, but healthy competition, in our high school athletic programs that will translate to district and state championships annually
  • We will provide elite athletic training for athletes that compete at the collegiate and professional level
  • We will provide a place where the everyday kid can build self-esteem through physical activity without the negative stigma that comes with being a “PE” kid in this generation
  • It is our goal to increase the level of fitness in adults in our community
  • We will strive to create an atmosphere of pride and camaraderie through physical activity in our community


Athletic Development

G10 Academy was created to support the lifestyle of families with young athletes who desire a higher level of athletic development year-round. We are an Academy with a state of the art facility and coaches who are experienced and highly qualified in athletic development.
Our facility was purposefully designed to specialize in small group training consisting of eight to fifteen athletes working cohesively under the guidance of a highly qualified trainer. Research has shown that small group training yields better quality results than personal training or boot camp style training for athletes. A major reason for its effectiveness is that exercise motivation thrives through group membership accountability.
Training with a group bolsters the competitive drive to achieve peak performance and the cooperative mindset to produce for the team. In small group performance training, everyone is accountable to become the best they can be. Small group strength and movement training at G10 Academy will ignite full-body workouts for the performance training results young athletes need to succeed.
The end result: increased strength capacity and speed, improved agility, and a higher degree of physical and mental toughness, with limited risk of injury through tactical performance training.