Soccer Skills


Skills Development

Our Focus: Individual Player Development

Individual Player Development is the key to players being able to successful transition from one competitive level to the next: rec. to select, middle school to high school, high school to college.

At G10, we offer various levels of training

Little Dribblers

For interested kids just starting to discover and fall in love with the sport; the emphasis is fun and educational


For players with limited soccer experience interested in improving their holding and take on skills. The training involves lots of footwork, agility, and balance while improving a players confidence on the ball.


For motivated players striving to get to the next level. Training includes holding, take on, and tactical skills work.

Session Details

  • Training is available in a package of 6 sessions over a 3 week period
  • Cost per session: $60
  • Sessions will be scheduled on the date of purchase
Holding Skills Take On Skills Tactical Skills
Moves Dribbling Body Positioning
Possession Turning Combination Play
First Touch Attacking Defending and Delay
Juggling Finishing Playing the Odds
Receiving Tackling Mental speed of lay
Shielding Physical speed of play Overcoming adversity

Coach Rennie Rebe

G10 Academy FC Head Coach

  • 2017 UIL Girls Soccer State Champion
  • Westlake Head Coach – 48-0 District Record
  • 4-Year Starter Texas A&M