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G10 academy will provide a place where the everyday kid can build self-esteem through physical activity. Physically active kids have a great chance of becoming well-adjusted, happy, physically active adults. Adults will have an opportunity to partake in age appropriate training sessions that fit their level of fitness in a structured and positive environment.


  • Build the confidence of our athletes at every level through sound physical and mental development
  • Create a higher quality of fierce, but healthy competition, in our high school athletic programs that will translate to district and state championships annually
  • Provide elite athletic training for athletes that compete at the collegiate and professional level
  • Provide a place where the everyday kid can build self-esteem through physical activity without the negative stigma that comes with being a pe kid in this generation
  • To increase the level of fitness in adults in our community
  • Create an atmosphere of pride and camaraderie through physical activity in our community


The staff here at G10 believe that with the right level of commitment combined with a highly detailed regimented science based training plan, we can physically and mentally change your athlete in a way that could notably improve the quality of their athletic career.


Our run club offers several opportunities throughout the year for students of all ages to train and compete. Our distance running club is offered in selected elementary schools in Eanes ISD through Community Education, Off-Campus PE for year-round track athletes with no athletic period at school, winter indoor track meets and a summer track team.



Individual Player Development is the key to players being able to successfully transition from one competitive level to the next: rec to select, middle school to high school, high school to college.

Featured Athlete of the Month


School: St. Michael’s Catholic
Academy where she holds a 3.95

Sports : Sand volleyball and is
considering running track or tennis
this spring.

Future: I hope to attend Texas A&M
University to study biology with
hopes in becoming a surgeon.

Why G10 Academy? : “G10 has
helped me develop both stay
physically active and to continue to
grow as an athlete. The training has
challenged me


What makes you unique? : “I am
very driven and focused on my goals.
If I put my mind to something, I will
get it done.”

What is most important to you? :
“Family and building relationships
and connections with others. A close
second aspect is being active and
living a healthy lifestyle.”

What is your message to younger
athletes? : “Do not give up. Do not
doubt yourself. Anything is possible
when you put your mind to it


13Legacy Investments

13Legacy Investments LLC was founded by Steve Granson and Michael Granson and was established in part to invest in sustainable residential, commercial and mix use development projects that promote livable communities. We are dedicated to improving communities by developing projects that meet the needs of the local residents and being a valued community partner. 13Legacy Investments operates in Houston, TX and has projects in Houston, as well as, Austin, Texas.

Along with being and entrepreneur, Steve holds the title o f Transit Project Development Practice Leader at the HNTB Corporation where he is responsible for growing the practice group and assisting clients nationwide on transit, environmental, financial and economic development planning, as well as navigating federal rules and regulations. Steve also brings expertise in various transit modes including light rail, streetcar, heavy rail, bus rapid transit and transit facilities. 

Steve has spent his entire 15 year transit career working to help deliver transformative transit projects to cities and communities that has benefited from the infrastructure investment, first by providing improved services in transit dependent areas as well developing projects that serve as a catalyst for economic development. The major infrastructure projects that Steve has helped deliver total over $8 billion dollars that have been invested in communities throughout U.S. including Houston, Chicago, Boston and Orange County, CA.

Steven has been involved with G10 Academy since the initial planning stages as a financial consultant and advisor. Steven has also been one of the most active sponsors of G10 Academy’s soccer and track non profit organizations. Steven is currently collaborating with G10 ownership about the possible expansion of G10 Academy and bringing our services to neighboring communities.


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