About Us


train like a champion today!

G10 Academy is a state of the art facility with a 1500 square foot weight room, 45 yard synthetic turfed field, and all the equipment needed to perform high level physical training for athletes. However, that’s not what makes G10 work. What sets us apart from everyone else are the people providing the instruction. Our coaches are the most experienced and knowledgeable in their fields. Full of District, Regional and State Championships along with numerous coaching accolades, their resumes speak for themselves. But what makes us different, what drives us to be better is our ability to understand what our kids are capable of. We know in order to get the most out of any athlete, you have to coach the entire athlete, not only their physical needs, but their mental and psychological needs as well. 


We take pride in developing relationships with our athletes. Figuring out the things they do well and training them to dominate with them. Learning what they struggle with and how they process information will determine how we coach them. We focus on fostering a genuine work ethic that instills confidence and sets them apart from the competition. We teach them how to work with a purpose and to understand exactly how and when to use the skills they’ve been taught and trained to execute. And finally, helping them to understand and believe that they must spend more time in preparation than in playing. We will demand a greate deal of our kids. We take care of our kids. We will always do right by our kids. There is nowhere else in the Austin area that an athlete can get what we provide at G10.


  • Build the confidence of our athletes at every level through sound physical and mental development
  • Create a higher quality of fierce, but healthy competition, in our high school athletic programs that will translate to district and state championships annually
  • Provide elite athletic training for athletes that compete at the collegiate and professional level
  • Provide a place where the everyday kid can build self-esteem through physical activity without the negative stigma that comes with being a pe kid in this generation
  • To increase the level of fitness in adults in our community
  • Create an atmosphere of pride and camaraderie through physical activity in our community