G10 Legends

G10 legends are the past and current students of our sports training programs that are playing at the highest collegiate levels

Max Mangum- Harvard University

“I’ve been working with Coach Granson since the end of my sophomore year of high school.  Since then, he has not only molded me into a much stronger and faster athlete, but he has also taught me how to WORK.  He has helped me through two different knee surgeries, both mentally and physically.  With Coach G and his staff, the culture is to be tough and to work to win.  As a young man and as an athlete, I can think of no better place than to work out at G10.” – Max

Bailey Holle – Texas state university

“Working out with Coach G not only made me stronger, faster and more explosive, but he also made me love working hard and getting better.  Everyday he would make grinding in the weight room fun and enjoyable, but still pushed us to be our best.  He made the jump from high school workouts to college workouts 10x easier, and had us completely prepared for our strength and conditioning workouts at Texas State.  I can’t thank him enough!” – Bailey

Kylen Granson – SMU

Ever since I started training with Coach Granson, I have developed exponentially both on and off the field. In the weight room, on the turf, or in the classroom he has instilled a relentless work ethic within me. Thanks to his program I was able to re-enter halfway through the regular season of highschool after breaking my leg and successfully help the team to a state championship. While we may not have won state it helped me secure a future to the next level of play and even allowed me to play as a true freshman at the college level. I believe there is no better place to develop and train an athlete than G10 Academy.  -Kylen

Reed Klubnik – Yale University

“Working with Coach Granson helped transform me in to the athlete I am today, his combination of strength, speed, and conditioning training shaped me physically to be where I am today.  He taught me and my fellow players what it means to truly work and give everything we have to be successful.  Without him I wouldn’t have been the athlete in high school and I wouldn’t be where I am today.” -Reed

Taylor Flaherty – Colgate University

“Coach Granson was my weight room coach in high school. His work ethic and drive to push athletes to their full potential makes him such a great coach. He is passionate about working with both men and women from various sports, to further their abilities. When I trained with him, it was clear that he was invested in every kid and worked hard to make us all the best we could be. My personal training experience with Coach Granson was wonderful. I always felt like he pushed me to the best of my ability and his workouts were always a challenge. Even through the tough workouts, Coach Granson made an effort to get to know me and the other athletes on a personal level. He brings a perfect amount of toughness and competitiveness to the weight room, always bettering the athletes that walk into his gym. I am the volleyball player I am today because I trained with Coach Granson!”

-Taylor Flaherty

Gabbi Martinez – Marquette University

I’ve had too many coaches and trainers to count over the course of my athletic career but I’ll always give the credit of my high school performances to David Granson. He values discipline, intensity, and accountability, and it shows in his training. I left every session feeling accomplished and smiling because of the tone he sets and the energy he brings to the gym. Working with someone who is passionate about what they do makes all the difference in training as an athlete. It was clear that he was invested in making me better as an over all athlete and it showed in my play. I went into my division one volleyball program ahead of the curve in the weight-room with a strong foundation and familiarity with the work ethic needed to be successful. – Gabbi Martinez

Coker (2)

Jake Coker – Colorado School of the Mines

“Coach Granson helped me prepare for college football by putting me through a balanced strength, speed and conditioning program.  Coach was very effective in teaching the proper technique for various field tests including the pro-shuttle and forty.  I saw nearly a 3 tenths of a second improvement in my forty as well as a vast difference in my on-field stamina.  In the weight room, I experienced increases in power clean, squat, and bench and he had trained my mind to push my body further than I thought it could.  He knew when to encourage, when to discipline, and was extremely effective at preparing me for the college level.  Thank you Coach!” – Jake

Andrew Boykin – Texas A&M University

“I worked with Coach Granson for three of the most critical years of my athletic career, from when I was a sophomore until I graduated.  I can honestly say that I would not be playing at the next level today without his training.  His programs always were challenging both physically and mentally, which helped me compete and be successful at the highest level of high school football across the nation.” – Andrew

Chase Cokley – Abilene Christian University

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