Mark Hurst Lanes at G10 Academy

During my time as a coach at Westlake High School, I was fortunate to be able to coach with Mark Hurst, the long-time head track and field coach before he passed away. Mark had been the head track coach at Westlake for more than thirty years and built his own traditions and a level of excellence into that program. I learned not only what it takes to build a successful program, but how to sustain that success through relationships, high expectations, and doing right by kids no matter what sacrifices you have to make.Mark was an amazing person and coach and we shared a passion for track and field. We also shared a passion for kids. It was amazing to see how many lives he touched throughout all those year, as many of them, who are now adults, were still a part of his track program. Before he passed, he asked that I be named the next head track coach at Westlake High School and his wish was granted. His wife Judy and daughter Abby remain close friends with our family and Judy gave me permission to name our track lanes at G10 Academy after my dear friend and mentor, Mark Hurst. 

– Coach Granson