Speed Training

Speed Training

One of the best ways for young athletes to build up speed and endurance is through our professional speed training programs. The earlier that young athletes can improve their form, efficiency and technical knowledge, the higher the chances of them developing healthy speed habits. We recommend that you start introducing this process to youth as young as six to eight years old.

We start by explaining to the athletes the three phases of sprinting (1. Start 2. Acceleration 3. Max Velocity) and emphasize the importance of how and when to transition through these phases smoothly but aggressively. We then focus on the technical aspects of each phase which include proper angles, length of stride, arm actions, and how to generate force by pushing into the ground.

We then reinforce these specific techniques of each sprinting phase through drill work. Some examples of drills that we practice include pop-up starts to train proper angles, knee punching, and arm exaggeration drills to maximize acceleration. We then use skip variations, high knees, and core training for posture to improve top speed mechanics. 

Jump training and strength training are also very important components of speed development. Jump training such as double leg hops, broad jumps and combo jumps teach athletes to push into the ground and generate force extremely fast. Strength exercises such as deadlifts, squats, and lunges, along with core-based training will increase the amount of force an athlete is able to generate and at the same time improve speed endurance.

When working with youth, it is essential to remember that they are kids, and what is most important is developing an athletic foundation to maximize speed development as they continue to grow and mature physically. The point of our youth speed training is to build strength, speed, and endurance while keeping our students informed and engaged. 

Our highly trained coaches ensure that the athletes are performing the drills safely and in the correct form. The best way for you to ensure your young athlete has the speed, strength, and endurance needed to stay competitive is to have them attend a youth speed and strength program such as ours. 

Our youth speed development programs offer the best youth speed training and coaching in the area. If you have a young athlete who has the “need for speed” and you think they could benefit from some extra training, then contact us for more information!