• Certified Texas Teacher – Physical Education
  • BS Physical Education Western Illinois University
  • MS Coaching & Adapted Physical Education Sam Houston State University
  • PhD Curriculum & Instruction University of Texas at Austin
  • 4-year Basketball Letterman Western Illinois University
    • Team Captain
    • NCAA Tournament Regional Round 1982
  • 31 years Coaching Experience:
    • Graduate Assistant Basketball Coach Sam Houston State University
    • Head Women’s Basketball – Goldthwaite HS & Uvalde HS
    • Head Women’s Track & Field – Goldthwaite HS (1 State Champion High Jump)
    • Assistant Women’s Volleyball – Westlake HS (18 Final Fours & 4 State 5A Championships)
    • Assistant Women’s Basketball – Westlake HS (5 Final Fours & 3 State 5A Championships)
  • Secretary KG’S KID’S INC. Non-Profit Organization

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Working from home meant we could vary snack and coffee breaks, change our desks or view, goof off, drink on the job, even spend the day in pajamas

  • Certified Texas Teacher – EC-6th Grade Generalist
  • Certified Texas Education Administrator
  • BS Biomedical Science Western Michigan University
  • M.ED in Educational Leadership Stephen F. Austin University
  • Executive Director KG’S KID’S INC. Non-Profit Organization
    • 4-year Basketball Letterman Sam Houston State University
    • NCAA Tournament 2010
    • Professional Basketball Career:
      • 2016-17 Zonkey de Tijuana – Mexico
      • 2015 Universidad Tecnica de Santa Cruz – Bolivia
      • 2013-14 LUB – Uruguay
    • Basketball Skills Coach Houston, San Antonio & Austin Areas
    • Certified Wellness & Nutrition Coach Precision Nutrition
    I consider myself less of a “coach” and more of a partner/teammate to the players I train. Their goals are my goals and, as a result, we assess and grow together in their development. Being a player myself, I am adamant about coaching from a place of relatability and helping them to understand the exact purpose of everything we do and just why it is necessary. Through repetition, attention to detail, and hard as-well-as smart work, I offer players skills training that translates directly to game play. All work that is put in has meaning and contributes to the player being as efficient as possible in whatever role he or she is given and then some. Ball handling, shooting, agility and footwork, defense, functional strength, mobility, and body control- it all applies, no matter the position. My philosophy is to develop the entire player, both mentally and physically, while still prioritizing their given role specific to their team or organization. I go to games and study a player’s film in order to evaluate where the player’s game is, how they are utilizing the training, and what areas need to be given more attention based on where they are in their development. I also encourage the player to regularly evaluate their game themselves so that their perspective can also be taken into account. This gives me, as their trainer, an opportunity to determine as well as sharpen their IQ and learn how they see the game as they grow as a player. My understanding and approach to the game of basketball has been continuously developed and refined throughout my almost 25 years of experience in the sport. Along the way as a player, I have had the pleasure of competing against and training alongside some of the world’s best basketball talent. While I have always been a fierce competitor, I was also very intent on being a student of the game. Constantly observing who I considered to be the best of the best, their mentality and habits in work ethic, and their approach to preparation and execution to make myself aware of any and all areas I could improve upon and then using these takeaways to elevate my own game. Based on my love and dedication to basketball and my natural instinct and ability to be a teacher, I guess it was always inevitable that I would find myself paying it forward in some capacity. I have come to love teaching the game just as much as I do playing it. I think the thing that gripped me most about being a trainer in the beginning was noticing how helping to develop other players skill sets was in turn making me a better player- almost automatically! I began having so much fun watching players become more skilled and more confident in themselves week to week. It was very gratifying for me and I became more and more passionate about training over time. Who I am as a trainer has not been molded solely by me being a player and student of the game. My habits and attention to detail definitely didn’t come out of nowhere and weren’t formed by myself alone. I owe much of my development to exceptional mentorship. I have had the honor and privilege to learn from amazing trainers and coaches that have selflessly given me direction and blueprints on how it is done effectively, using bits from each of their methods and philosophies to form my own identity as a trainer. I am proud of the success that I’ve had thus far as a skill development coach, offering quality training to countless players, thanks to the knowledge I have attained from these mentors.
      • Certified Texas Teacher - Physical Education
      • BS Physical Education Southeastern Oklahoma State
      • MS Athletic Administration Southeastern Oklahoma State
      • PhD Student Kinesiology University of Texas at Austin
      • 17 Years Coaching Experience
        • Head Strength Coach
        • Head Track & Field
        • Assistant Track & Field (1 State 4A Runner-up – Women’s 4x400 Relay)
        • Assistant Football (1 State 4A Semi-Finalist & 1 State 6A Runner-up)
        • Assistant Men’s & Women’s Basketball (1 State 4A Runner-up)
        • Assistant Power Lifting
      • Director KG’S KIDS INC. Non-Profit Organization
      • Certified Non-Profit Leadership & Management Mendoza School of Business University of Notre Dame
      As a strength and movement development coach my job is to build and conduct training programs designed to improve the performance of competitive athletes. As one of the primary individuals responsible for developing athletes and helping them achieve their goals, I as a coach have acquired a working knowledge of the areas affiliated with performance enhancement. Specifically, the disciplines of sports administration, sports medicine, strength and conditioning, and sports psychology will assist me in physically and mentally training my athletes. Six primary components of these disciplines that I address are: risk management, injury prevention, communication, nutrition, goal setting, and athlete development. Effective strength and conditioning programs are vital for athletic success, especially at the middle and high school levels. Research clearly shows the benefits of effective strength and weight training programs as they relate to increases in strength, power, speed, endurance, and flexibility. The effect of strength and conditioning programs is not exclusive to physical gains. Strength training has both physiological and psychological benefits for student athletes. I start the process by helping the athlete define their specific yet realistic goals. We then set their focus on the process necessary to achieve their goals by providing a clear understanding of the training objectives. Once those objectives are in place, I can design a program that is age and developmentally appropriate and over time, will allow the athlete to meet the demands of the activity or sport in which they participate. I also promote adequate nutrition, hydration and sleep to complement my science-driven strength and conditioning efforts. Athletic performance and recovery for our athletes is enhanced by attention to nutrient intake. I develop an ideal nutrition plan for each athlete’s health and performance including identifying the right quantity, quality and proper timing of food and fluids needed to support regular training and peak performance.